So, last year.. During the summer months, I decided it would be a fun idea to make my own video game.. with Zero programing knowledge.. I set out to create a little video game. For anyone familiar with programing languages, I choose to use Godot game engine, that is C# language.. unfortunately about 2 months into development, I started running into a few snags.. resources and utilities were not available for features and functions I wanted to include in the game, Because it is a far less common game engine vs Unity and Unreal. and it basically stalled out. I have asked the godot community for help, I've even put the project up offering paid programing services to help with coding.. But I have gotten no results.. So I figured I would bring the project to light on Facebook, and see if maybe there are any programmers in my friends list, that see this.. I will post a few screen shots from the game just to give you guys an idea of what I was going for.. and maybe even release the the very early version as it sits.. But, if anyone programs out there and would like to help out with my fun little project, let me know !!

The basics of the game is, you start at your house, and you try to get to the vape shop as quickly as possible.

There are 2-3 exits to each level, some exits will get you closer to the vape shop, some may take you right back to your house

Avoid those nasty cigarettes at all costs. Just touching them means you will have to start back at the beginning of the level you are on.

I did want to add in a timer, and a leader board for high scores.. but again, zero programing knowledge

Some level's don't even have background music implemented yet. Sorry.

You can download a very unfinished version of the game to try it out for yourself.